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Mindful Media adding intention to what we take in

The Power of mental health seen in our culture...

Because of the vulnerable and unseen nature of mental health, there will always be a certain stigma attached to it. Sometimes, it helps to see this vulnerability portrayed in our culture, to push us in the right direction and open us up to healing and a deeper sense of humanness and empathy.

Some of these resources are for kids and adults, but some are just for adults, and some are simply fun to watch or listen to. Look for descriptions to help guide you. 

Movies & TV   Watching empathetic & moving characters on screen can inspire us and our kids to feel compassion and connection. These movies all have characters that move us toward that place. Make sure to look for the rating for each movie to see if it will be appropriate for your child to watch. Common Sense Media has great guidelines for appropriate viewing ages.

Dear EH.webp
Wonderful Life.webp
Charlie Brown.webp

Books   for Parents

Skinned Knee.jfif
Showing Up.jpg
What Made Maddie Run.jpg
Wild at Heart.jpg
Danish Parenting.jpg

Books   for teens

Quiet Power.jfif
Hey warrior.png
Hey Awesome.jfif

Books   for children

Perfectly Messed Up.jfif
MIkey and the Dragons.jfif
Whirling Twirling Brain.jpg
We Don't Eat Our Class.jfif
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